Monday, July 7, 2014

wiiknd: the sky sounded like microwave popcorn.

teething = clingy judie.
cory came home early.
let the parties begin.
homemade cafe rio, likeaboss.

pool party.
splash city.
mini baby nap.
frantic packing.
mini roadtrip.
slightly underwhelming pyrotechnics.
fussy baby.

early morning.
best fries of my life.
rocky stomach.
giant mosquitoes.
on the road again.
home. finally.
puke city.
demon fries.
err'bodys sick.
the grand budapest hotel.

10 am wake up call.
cory = amazing.
"you just rest. i'll go clean."
master chef.
grilled cheese + nuggies.
the world's end.
family dinner.
"geeez doo." -maty
snap situation.

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