Monday, June 2, 2014

wiiknd: i'm still upset about the lack of mayonnaise on my $5 footlong.

i wanna marry "harry."
twitter crazy.
rocket summer all day, err'day.
better homes & gardens catch-up.
costco date night.
bulk popcorn = true love.
half a clean bathroom.

early up. 
einstein bagels a'la costco.
cory = sprinklers.
brissa = newsletter.
splitsies on a sub.
homemade pasta salad.
burgers + kool aid = summer.
kit-kat cookie dough shake.
the blacklist.

jude = up at six.
basement playtime.
relief society snuggles + nap.
longest + best sunday nap.
family dinner.
p.f. chang's.
walk around the block.
garden talk.
family tree + archer.