Wednesday, June 4, 2014

the first step is admitting you have a problem.

trashy tv is a secret box of e.l. fudge cookies hidden in the pantry.
trashy tv is that xxl chalupa i snarfed in my car during college.
trashy tv is eating rainbow chip frosting straight out of the container with my fingers. 
trashy tv is everything i shouldn't love, but do. 

right now the bachelorette and i wanna marry "harry"
are at the top of my list.
let's be honest, they're the only two shows on my list. 
they're both hate-watches and i just can't seem to stop.
i'm trying to decide if it's a 
"i hate this because it's so stupid." or
"i hate myself for watching this because it's so stupid." hate-watch,
 but part of me thinks it's both.

andi is stupid and says "staaaaaahp it"
her duck face and abuse of "y'all" kill me.
and you guys,
this guy? the constantly drunk party boy?
he's an accountant.
who is trusting this kid with their finances?
seriously?! who?!

the girls on i wanna marry "harry"
are (allegedly) book smart,
but dumb as bricks when it comes to "harry."
i mean come oooon.
i like to think i would be able to spot the fake
as soon as i saw him up close.
i'm mostly sticking around for the drama and cat fights.

now that i'm here i guess there isn't really a point to this post.
but it does feel good to finally confess to eating that xxl chalupa. 
i remember seeing a commercial for it with my girlfriends.* 
we all commented on how gross it was
and how a regular sized chalupa was perfect size. 
insider tip: it's not.
more chalupa is always better. 
but i think i'd like the chalupa to come in an xl instead of just an xxl.
cuz, you know, swimsuit season and whatnot. 

*i've never said "girlfriends" before
and now i feel like a different person.
save me. 

moral of the story.
watch these shows so you can hate them and love them and talk to me about them.
i regularly contemplate starting a tv club.
it's like a book club but instead of books, we just talk about the drama
that happened on tv that week.
it would have a fancier name than "tv club," obviously.
we wouldn't want people to think we're completely classless. 


Anna said...

I'm in on the TV club. I haven't seen any of the bachelorette this season but I'LL CATCH UP.

Andrea said...

A few friends and I have been trying to set up a TV club all year -because reading is too hard now? But seriously, we love the drama. I love your bachelorette tweets. Keep em coming.

-Danica- said...

Hahaha I can't think of a comment cuz I'm laughing too hard. PLEASE start that tv club. I'm so on board

Cassie Traasdahl said...

Can you make this tv club a facebook group so I can be apart of it?

I'm serious. Why haven't you done this already???

katrina said...

I can't stop laughing. TV club. NOW!