Thursday, June 26, 2014

ginger snaps.

cory: i have to take a picture of this.
brissa: of what?
cory: of you two. i just love my life so much.

brissa: is it time to eat one reese's stick each?
cory:'s time to eat two reese's sticks each.
i've been waiting all day for you to say something.

*cory while he adjusts my bangs*
"ooh yeah. you look like a 1950s heartthrob.
a boy that is."

"jude, you can be lazy or fat. 
you can't be both."

the following is a lyric from an original song 
written by cory, for jude.
"jude's got, thuuuuunder thiiiighs."

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Madi said...

hahaha "you can't be both"

these conversations are the best