Friday, March 7, 2014


i started writing an ode to cow's milk...

oh sweet cow, i love you so.
i love your milk
which from your utter doth flow. 

and then it started getting weird so i stopped.
i just wanted to dedicate some space here to milk
and all its delicious byproducts.

cheddar cheese.
ice cream.
string cheese.
cottage cheese.
cookies and milk.
mozarella cheese.
parmesan cheese.
alfredo sauce.
every ben and jerry's flavor ever.
milk and cake for breakfast.
muenster cheese.
cold sandwiches.
grilled cheese sandwiches.
panini sandwiches.
sub sandwiches.
$5 foot longs.
sour cream.
beefy crunch burrito.
taco bell.
french fries.
cream cheese.
buttermilk syrup.

moral of the story.
everything delicious either comes from milk or pairs incredibly with a milk product.
so if you don't drink milk,
i'm sorry.
but i'm also kind of glad because, more for me.

also, bacon.


-Danica- said...

This is incredible and everything, but I also really hate you right now. Because this dang adorable baby of mine is forcing me to be DAIRY FREE. Eff my life. I literally want everything on that list right now. Do you understand how many food items get cut out of your life when you cut out dairy?? I HAVE TO FREAKIN USE GOAT CHEESE ON MY PIZZA.

Sorry for yelling. It's a sensitive subject right now.

Jessica Wray | PEONY said...

So I don't eat meat, but I eat/drink lots of dairy. I have a few friends who are "off dairy" and I really think it's so much harder than not eating meat. Everything good had cheese on it. Everything. All things.

kylie said...

i am MORE than happy to let you have ALLLLL the milk you want. i haven't touched a glass of milk since i moved out 8 years ago. however, i do like all those things on that marvelous list of yours. your list = very very good.

Lauren Hall said...

I don't drink milk but I eat all the dairy things!!

megan danielle said...

ok 2% milk is my most favorite thing in the whole world...and bacon is my second most favorite thing in the whole world...i like this post.

Andrea said...

This. Is. Beautiful. Oh dear sweet cookies and milk, come to me