Monday, March 10, 2014

wiiknd: i never realize how much tv we watch until i write it down.

mom + jude target day.
black on black.
barbecue chicken ranch quesadillas.
^ cory's new girlfriend.
ice cream.
new girl + brooklyn nine-nine.
parks + community.
modern family.

early up.
home show.
hanging with the stars.
emily + matt love jude.
garlic burger + garlic fries = heaven.
the blacklist.
painted toes.
gel nail removal.
sleepy cuddles.

early up.
church. for the first time.
afternoon nap.
family dinner.
carne asada burritos.
"no. that's my salsa. don't give it away." - grandma.
fussy baby.
mixed, mostly negative reviews.
seinfeld + ice cream.

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