Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i went in for one and came out with three.

please don't tell me i'm the only person on this planet
who is incapable of buying a brush without testing it out in the store first.
and after i've touched it to my head,
i say a quick prayer the person who tested before me doesn't have lice.
then i make a few fake brush strokes
to see if said brush is comfortable enough to work with.
please tell me this is normal.

moving on...
yesterday i went nuts 
and bought three new brushes.
who am i?

one for clean, freshly washed, first day hair.
it's a paddle brush and feels so soft on my head.
it's basically begging me to turn into marcia brady
and brush my hair 100 times before bed each night.

one for second day, third day, fourth day, etc. hair.
this one is small and vented,
allowing me to easily clean out all the dead hair and dry shampoo
 that always seems to multiply overnight.

the last one is for backcombing
because my hair is lifeless.
aaand rumor has it you basically go bald after having a baby.
these thin locks of mine are going to need all the help they can get. 

some of you might be thinking
three brushes for one head is ridiculous.
trust me when i say it's not.
it was 100% necessary.

before yesterday, i only had one brush.
i used it for everything.
then it started getting all that icky dry shampoo'd hair
all up in its bidniss which, in turn,
left weird flaky, dry shampoo leftovers in my hair.
i do not have dandruff.
repeat! i do not have dandruff!
i couldn't handle it.
since it was a paddle brush,
it felt like it was never clean.
i'd cut and pick and pull hair out.
i'd even wash the thing in hot water!
nothing worked.
that's when i realized i needed to make the plunge.
since i'm not a huge fan of washing my hair every day
(strictly for lazy purposes),
creating a new system seemed so much easier.
because honestly,
who has time to wash their hair seven times a week?!
i am practically a hermit and i don't even have time for that.

so let's hope this new system works.
i'm praying for it.
i really am.
and since it was all under eight bucks,
i figured, 
meh. why not?


kylie said...

when i read your blog i sometimes feel like we might be soul sistas. because i do this same test-out-the-brush thing because HOW ELSE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW and then i too pray to be spared from lice.

Alissa said...

I cannot tell you the last time I purchased a new brush ...I'm talking 5 or 6 years...

Paddle brushes 4 lyfe!

katrina said...

i neeeed 3 brushes now. duhhh how do i not already own them?