Friday, August 23, 2013

pros and cons to having a sick boo for two days.

having my bff with me all day long.
an endless supply of cuddles.
perfecting my grilled cheeses.
srsly. golden goodness. mmm.
mommy practice.
toy story shaped chicken noodle soup.
movie marathons.
sleeping in.

grocery shopping alone.
giving up control of the remote.
thank heavens i snuck in an episode of the vineyard.
going through separation anxiety now that he's healed.

my sister started sending me daily pictures of nicolas cage.
i don't think she's ever going to stop.
it's times like this i hate modern technology.


Emma Jane said...

Nic Cage at the beach. I've never detested and also been transfixed by nature as much as this moment in my life. That hairline. Why.

Tightrope to the Sun

kylee said...

Um hi, I'm at the airport right now so those pictures were 10x more awkward to see. FEEL BETTER CORY!

Catherine said...

I hope you've seen this. I was crying/laughing for ten minutes when I first saw it. My fam thought I'd gone cray-cray.

Still can't stop laughing/crying over it.