Monday, July 1, 2013

we now return to our scheduled programming.

"something someone told you about yourself  that you'll never forget."

a few months back
i was talking to a friend
who was going through a rough patch.
she emptied her heart to me
and i picked up the scattered pieces,
hugging them close.
i let them sink into my bones
and crawl up to my heart.
it hurt.
it hurt my heart to see her cry.
to hear her story.
to witness her pain.

cory was away on business
and  in the middle of her heart pouring,
she asked how he was.
slightly stunned, i replied with a simple,
not wanting to smile too much
or turn the attention away from her.

she stopped and looked at me and said,
"brissa, don't you ever apologize
for having a good marriage.
you should never have to feel bad
about that."

and suddenly,
i was the one grateful for her.
grateful for a friend who, despite her heartache,
wanted me to be happy and proud and in love.
people amaze me.

i often think back to that night
and her words.
i find myself adjusting the phrasing to make it
apply to more than just my marriage.
"don't you ever apologize for having
a happy life.
a steady income.
the option to not work.
an incredible family.
amazing in-laws.
a cozy apartment."

it took me that night to realize
none of us should ever have to apologize
for anything wonderful we have in our lives.
instead, we should be grateful
and humbled and thanking the heavens
every day for our blessings.

don't hide your happiness.
others need to see it.
they need to feel its warmth.
they need to know it's real.

don't hide your happiness.
spread it.


kylie said...

this is very poignant. i love this - how often do we hide our smiles in an attempt to be humble (or something)when really the best way to show this gratitude is by being absolutely grateful, fully happy.
i love this post.


Jessica Wray said...

"she emptied her heart to me
and i picked up the scattered pieces,
hugging them close.
i let them sink into my bones
and crawl up to my heart.
it hurt."

you knocked that one out of the park. so beautifully written and so totally describes exactly what it feels like to watch and listen to someone you love hurting. you're a good friend, b. and I'm so glad she told you not to apologize for having a happy marriage. I know when I was going through heartache it was hearing about other's happiness that made me realize how much good is out there and what I have to look forward to. <3

ashley. said...

love. love. love.
so much.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

what a great little reminder and true for each and every one of us. :)

Ashley said...

I really love this Brissa. You've got one great friend there. If we find ourselves jealous of our friends, we should always ask ourselves, why aren't I HAPPY for my friend?!?

kylee said...

this is amazing. your words, your thoughts, your friend. all of it is just amazing.

Haylee said...

I really loved this. We don't hear this enough, and you said it so eloquently and perfectly.

Mary said...

I love this so much.

Kari said...

this breaks my heart and is perfect and i love it. and you. and your developing fetus.

beth said...

I absolutely love this. Thank you.

Tiffany said...

wow. that was beautifully written and needed to be said. and i needed to read that for sure. thanks brissa :)

Jessica McGuire said...

This is brilliant. I love it

Lauren Hall said...

love this and you and the post after this and you

Cassie Traasdahl said...

So I'm a little behind because of the vacation, but WOW Brissa this is amazing and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!