Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ginger snaps

cory: i miss you.
brissa: but i'm right here!
cory: i know, but you were being stupid with your talk 
so it's like you weren't even here.

"soon as you pop me out a kid, 
i'm gonna suffocate you in your sleep."

brissa: i need you!
cory: you just want me to help you
pick an instagram filter.

"in what world is that sexy?"

"...it's not one of your better recipes...
i wouldn't go putting that 
in the family cookbook. "


Alissa said...

Geesh...well, having someone help you choose an Instagram filter is like... a pretty important job.

What recipe?

-Danica- said...

Hahah wheeennnn is our double date?? I want to sit back and laugh at the both of you and be happy about your baby bump.

Anna said...

Bahahaha ginger snaps is the perfect category for this kind of post. You guys are hilarious.

Sara said...

"I'm gonna suffocate you in your sleep" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha