Friday, May 3, 2013

and the truth comes out.

a list.
a golden list of things that currently make 
or have ever made me uncomfortable.
 a list of treasures for my haters to use against me.

sitting on something hard/sharp/pointy.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
body odor.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
wearing heels for an extended period of time.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
putting in a tampon for the first time.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
fifth grade maturation.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
eighth grade health class.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
the thought of watching workaholics with my parents.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
drinking too much milk.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
wearing a flowy dress on a windy day.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
yipee puppies.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
strange cats touching my leg.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
watching 3-d movies while nursing a headache.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
ants in my living room. or kitchen. or on my shower curtain.
Δ   Δ   Δ 
tweets from amanda bynes.
those mostly just make me sad.
Δ   Δ   Δ 


Whitney Leigh said...

yes to 5th grade maturation and watching workaholics with my parents. uggghhh anxiety.

Alissa said...

Milk was a bad choice.

So was Amanda's latest haircut.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Strange cats touching my leg.

That was my favorite. Is there anything more unsettling?

Briss. I love that you're doing this with me, it makes me happy... every day.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Oof. Milk.

Marlen said...

HAHA tweets from amanda bynes. oh she used to be so sweet :/

xo Marlen

Mars said...


beth said...

amanda bynes :( :( :( :(

-Danica- said...

Haha I am STILL scarred and uptight from my 5th grade maturation

Ashley said...

amanda might be the biggest child star train wreck, from out of left field!