Tuesday, April 23, 2013

twenty minutes of gold.

last night,
after a mediocre crock pot meal,
you finished a project at the table 
while i did the dishes.
mumford & sons quietly serenaded us.
occasionally getting swallowed up in the water
as i rinsed the 'meh' off our plates.

we exchanged a handful of words
but mostly kept to our work.
at one point, i stopped rinsing
so i could look at you.

i wanted to remember
the way you bent over your work,
your hands constantly moving
with only one foot planted on the linoleum.
i wanted to remember
because it was those twenty minutes,
in almost perfect silence,
that made me love you more.

now that quiet moment in our kitchen
has a special place on my shelf of favorites
in my ever-growing heart.

it's amazing, really.
there are times i feel my heart has reached max capacity
and if one more thing sneaks in,
it will undoubtedly burst with love.
but right before that happens,
it stretches just a little bit more.

you did that to me.
you came in
and fixed the holes in my heart
with little bits of spandex. 
you knew i'd need a whole heart.
a stretchy heart.
a heart that could handle
all these feelings.

thanks for patching me up
and filling me with love. 
i feel like a piñata.
the fanciest kind of piñata. 


Alex said...


emilymcb said...

You are an incredible writer. Love you.

maggeygrace said...

why are you so perfect? I need to read YOUR writing now missy.

McKenzie King said...

oh wow. this is beautiful!

Mary said...

You seriously have such a way with words.

whatevergatsby.com said...

i needed this today. my stretchy heart needs a bit more spandex and this did it for me. <3 all the heart emoticons.