Monday, April 22, 2013

wiiknd: is it kosher sunday?*

hawaii, confirmed.
overwhelming peace.
nielsen's frozen custard.
saturday ride mix up.
vent session.

 meh sleep in.
product drop- off.
donut fail.
scones for the win.
morgan freeman's voice.
fish tacos.
perfect gift search.
lesson prep.
cory = root beer float.
brissa = vanilla with sprinkles.
parks and rec.

early to church.
pretty prom dresses.
baby pick up.
late easter dinner.
birthday present.
fussy matie.
strawberry shortcake.
baby drop off.
showing off a recent purchase.
vent session.
home, finally.
imgur in bed.
sweet, sweet slumber.

*my sister literally asked this
 at the dinner table.
bless her heart.


Shelby said...

hawaii confirmed.... beyond jealous right now.

from head 2 toe said...

oblivion was the stupidest movie i have ever seen.
and i had to pee so bad and it wouldn't ever end.

Harley said...

oblivion = good?

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

why do you have so many venting sessions?

Anna said...

Hawaii. Awesome. Thoughts on Oblivion? And your sister is adorbz so it's okay.

kylee said...

HAWAII?!?!?!?! nielsen's! oblivion... i hear good things, what say you?

Ashley said...

HAWAII!!!! SO please pack me in your suitcase this instant!!

Anonymous said...

yesssssss. we do reddit/aw before bed and it's basically why i am now obsessed with baby animals. freud would be proud, or something like that.

beth said...

Oh how I miss the Porter quotes. HAWAII!!!