Thursday, April 25, 2013


buying ten bottles of dry shampoo
because they were on sale.
for a dollar.

drinking strawberry nesquik
from a straw.

reading [literally] all day long.

the fact that there has been a constant
pitcher of kool-aid in our fridge
since the beginning of the month.

remembering i have a tumblr
and shaking off a year of dust.

corn pops & apple jacks.
[to be said in the classic peter brady,
"pork chooops & applesauce" voice.]

fresh library cards
and a quick raid of the ya section.
[recommendations welcome.]

packing for ten days in hawaii.


Shelby said...

oh no... what have you done. until this day i have been strong and have not gone onto tumblr, but i caved and have gone onto yours. it is beautiful... and i need one. my life is over

Alissa said...

Pack me for Hawaii? Oh, thanks.

Catherine said...

Okay, you need to let me in on where you bought the dry shampoo. I bought some Garnier Fructis dry shampoo last night to try it out (smells amaze and no white residue!), but $1 vs. $3...#collegestudentprobs

You are always so awesome!!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I just spent 10 minutes on your friggin tumblr. It's magical.

meme-and-he said...

dry shampoo!! hawaii! could it get better than those two?!

kylee said...

i have yet to try dry shampoo. which is silly considering how often i avoid showering.

kylee said...

um hi, back again, LOVE your tumblr.

Lauren Hall said...

have fun in HAWAII!!!

jessie said...

i say "pork chopsh and appleshaush" waaaay too much. so of course you know that reference.