Wednesday, April 17, 2013

april 17.

oh my papa.
my dear, sweet papa.
thank you for always loving me.
for believing in me.
for pushing myself to be better than i ever thought i could.
thank you for rocking me when i'm sad
and singing "you are my sunshine" to make me smile.
thank you for constantly telling me
i am never too old to be your little girl.
and for understanding 
that even though i have cory now,
you will always be my daddy and my hero.

happy birthday, papa.
i love you.

your 5-b


emilymcb said...

This picture made me tear up just a little bit.

McKenzie King said...

dads are the best. this picture is stunning!

Alison said...

*love* that picture. :)

Anna said...

Best part about yours and Khyrie's wedding was the daddy daughter dances. That guy sure loves you two.

Anonymous said...

oh my god HE IS TOO CUTE. couldn't expect anything else.