Monday, March 25, 2013

wiiknd: internet friends just get it.

truffle shuffle.
meticulous eyebrow plucking.
nervous/excited butterflies.
a long goodbye.

completely normal.
midway sleepover.
world's deadliest driveway.
tabletop conversations.
churro cupcakes.
stories + laughter.
"so, i unfurled it..."
"...on myspace...."
real talk + tears.
soul bearing.
lots of poop talk.
bed at four.
"my goal is to be authentic with everyone."
pillow talk until five.

early to rise. 
green smoothies.
clean up.
snow. all up in the trunk.
one direction.
home by 10:30.
quick shower.
off to idaho.
little sister pick-up.
honey-chipotle chickies for dinner.
pool time.
"you are like a little kid."
"jump OUT, not UP."
movers and a-shakers.
march madness upsets err'where.

early goodbyes.
"oh good, you sleep with clothes on."
complimentary crap breakfast.
syrup. everywhere.
leftovers for real breakfast.
jessica's farewell.
sweetest talk. sweetest spirit.
tears like woah.
"she's ready."
long drive home.
carsick to the maxxx.
home. finally.
walk around the block.
fish tacos + star trek.
"my heart is pounding so hard
and it's so warm
and i am so in love with you."


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Sometimes I think you don't even speak English.

Then I read the last sentence and I die from your love sweetness. Die.

kylee said...

blog sleepover win. i keep trying to blog about it but my writing skills suck lately.

Shelby said...

this basically sounds like the best weekend ever! i am sooo happy people still believe in sleepovers. yay!

carla thorup said...

"so i unfurled it" will forever be how i say it.

bosom bed buddiezzz

Kelli Anderson said...