Monday, March 4, 2013

attn: sandy

putting in a real two weeks notice
is nothing like your two weeks notice.
let's not give girls unrealistic ideas
of the real world,

real life has less fancy gala's,
stapler wars and hugh grant
and more sweaty palms,
queasy stomachs
and avoiding explaining why.

"personal reasons"
is really just code for,
"because i hate you mr. bossman.
 i hate you like woah
and i'm not letting you tear me down
so put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

two weeks and counting.
i think i'll make a paper chain.


Alex said...

GET IT GURL. Proud of you.

Shelby said...

good for you! like for real! and a paper chain is a must.

emilymcb said...


-Danica- said...

Yeeeaaaah! You go gurl. In all your free time, COME TO OREM.

those were nice, excited CAPS, not angry ones :)

Krystal said...

nice!!! i love anticipation of walking out of a place like that!

Catherine said...


Ashley said...

:) I sooooooo know what it's like putting in two weeks at a place you hate. SUPERSTAR!

Christina Craven said...

For sure with the paper chain! I wish you were here to make me one. ;) 49 days and counting!

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSS! go off and high five a million angels now, liz lemon. proud of you, lady.

ayley said...

you just might be one of the most clever individuals i know.