Friday, February 1, 2013

i was trying on sparkly leggings when i realized i'm a terrible person.

for the past two days,
cory has been deathly ill.
yesterday i promised to pick up
soup, orange juice, saltines, cough drops and dayquil.
so after work,
i zipped on over to target to buy supplies.
but on my way to get them,
i got sidetracked by a couple of clearance racks
screaming at me.
they were practically begging me to look at them.
it feels like years since i have had the chance
to browse on my own.

author's note: 
shopping alone is like my yoga.
it's also like my crack.

so i did what any horrible person would do,
i pushed my poor, sick husband to the back of my head
and i took my time.
i filled my cart to the brim and snuck
every single item in the dressing room with me.
i tried on each piece,
imagined where i would wear it,
how i would do my hair,
and cory's reaction when he saw it.

and after all that hunting and selecting and adjusting
and just a little self-guilting,
i narrowed my pile down to one.
purple, cute, fancy or cazjy. 
it was perfect.
i hung each item back on its hanger
so the dressing room attendant wouldn't hate me
and went on my merry sick-supply-shopping way.

i remembered his pulp free orange juice
and triple berry fruit breezers.
i threw in some broccoli cheddar soup and oreos
to ease my troubled mind.

when i got home and confessed what i had done,
he told me my shirt was pretty and "so you,"
and was slightly upset i didn't buy myself anything else.
i mean...really?
other than his affinity for pulp free orange juice,
he's perfect.


Catherine said...

brissa, can we do yoga target shopping together sometime? i hope cory feels better soon; this season has been AWFUL for sickness. good thing it's finally february!

also, i went to target last night. and i bought "the notebook" for five dollars {i know, kind of a crime for not already having it}, valentines socks, and some coraly-pink nail polish. the lady at the check out stand said, "oh this is a darling gift idea!" and i thought, "oops...i'm gifting this to myself."

Alissa said...

I love that you compared shopping alone to crack. I 100% understand that. I love shopping alone, and that's why I'm lurking around Target every day on my lunch break.

Ellie Kornexl said...

My mom gets high-pulp orange juice. Why? Just buy an orange! Drinks are for drinking, not chewing! No-pulp all the way!

Sierra said...

Shopping> crack

Ashley said...

awww. The ginger is a keeper.

Shelby said...

this is the cutest thing ever! soo sweet :) said...

annnnnnd you officially have what i call "a good'un". such a good'un.

Kelli Anderson said...

this happened at target, right? i imagined all this happening at target. this post and your most recent are freaking me out because i've truly experienced them both identically. i guess it makes sense because we both have those one in a trillion husbands.

Mars said...

Target alone is crack. I love solo shopping trips to target so much! I will go browse the whole store. Even if I leave with nothing. Target is good for the soul.

Delba Cristina said...

author's note:
shopping alone is like my yoga.
it's also like my crack.

I think we all agree \o/