Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ayley's right. run-on sentences are fun when you're tired.

it's late.
it's late and i am beyond tired.
cory probably has the flu
which means i'm probably going to get it
 and there is at least a billion feet of snow outside
and the thought of going to work tomorrow
makes me want to cry.
for some reason, 
it's okay.

it's okay because i survived today.
new beginnings was a success
and i was surrounded by people willing to help, 
and one of my young women 
told her friend i was the coolest leader,
and i cried a little because i love serving
the youth with my whole heart.
i am so proud of them for being so strong.
and despite this afternoon  
and my stubbornness and meltdown 
and drama and ugly crying,
cory still loves me more than i deserve.

i take it back.
today wasn't about surviving,
today was about living.
and i lived the crap out of today.


emilymcb said...

Yay! i'm glad that New Beginnings went well. And I know what you mean about loving them so much.

kylee said...

new daily goal: live the crap out of life.

Krystal said...


Catherine said...

you deserve all the love and praise in the world from your husband, young women, and everyone you come in contact with. don't you dare forget that.

Kelli Anderson said...

i don't know what it is but the more i read your posts the more i am like brissa is my twin soul right now. i relate to all of this.

yw is my dream calling. on my mission i just connected with the yw sooo much. i feel like they are sassy and strong and hilarious and i can empathize my whole heart on what they are going through. and i've told every bishop i've had for that the last two years and i don't know what they're waiting for.