Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the facts are these [and a bunch of pictures that have nothing to do with anything]

the snow up here has been ridiculous.
i don't understand why grown-ups don't get snow days.
after being gypped
my entire schooling career,
you'd think i'd be gifted with a few at work.
i was excited about vine.
i really was. 
i felt fancy because i could "edit" cool videos in a jiff.
and since i can't edit
actual videos to save my life, i was sold.
but not being able to block the creeps,
being notified for every comment left on a video i liked,
and getting porn spam in my feed,
changed my mind.
and the cherry on top?
there is no "deactivate" option.
desperate much?
so deleted videos and an erased app will have to do.
take that sucker.


Cassie Traasdahl said...

we don't get snow days in az either and i'm just like, wtf?

i'm glad i read this so i don't waste my time with vine.

i don't know whose baby that is but he is super cute and i think its time you had a ginger baby.

that is all.

kylee said...

i've posted five videos on vine. i have deleted all but one.

Harley said...


vine. bleh.

Krystal said...

i was wondering what vine was all about, but this dissuaded me! cuuuuuute baby, i love when there are pics of him :) how precious is the sleeping one!

Ashley said...

this kid has real street cred.

I don't know what vine is? So yeah.