Thursday, January 17, 2013

observations from my day off.

i'm a really good dream spy.
like, really good.

the only time i am ever jealous of boys
is when i am asked to pee in a cup.

there is nothing wrong with sitting down
next to a bag of marshmallow mateys
just in case you want more
 after the cereal in your cup is gone
and the milk seems lonely.

fashion police makes
missing the golden globes
hurt less.

heartbreak is when
the latest episode of pretty little liars
hasn't been uploaded for my viewing pleAsure.

i am more productive 
when the television is on and muted.

i feel like i have seen every cycle of antm
in the history of antm. 
why is tyra so crazy?

lunch with good people
who genuinely care about your happiness
and believe in you
does wonders for the heart.


Shelby said...

I always love the way you word things. Totally agree with the lunch with good people. I think I need to do that soon.

Andrea said...

Tyra IS so crazy ...but I always defend her whenever people make fun of her. Now who's crazy? -A

Cassie Traasdahl said...

i love it when you blog.

p.s. pll is on hulu! or it was yesterday when i watched it.

kylee said...

brissA! PLL wAs soooooo good this week. i prAy they uploAd it AsAp. i Also prAy thAt you text me After you wAtch it so we cAn fAngirl together (that whole A thing was a lot harder than i expected it to be). also, i love that you have a PLL label for the blog.

Kari said...

Can I just come to Utah and hang out with you because all of this? And that capital A? You're so brilliant.

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...


oh you made me think you couldn't spell for a minute.

so that's new.

Ashley said...

the only time i am ever jealous of boys
is when i am asked to pee in a cup.


Also when on roadtrips and they can quickly pee in a bush. Damn those boys and their peeing!!