Tuesday, November 8, 2011

mr. moustache stole my heart.

on saturday
i took part in celebrating diwali.
during the entire program,
i couldn't help but wish
michael scott
would run on stage,
grab the microphone 
and start singing.

it would have been a dream come true.
we came pretty close
when a dance-battle of sorts
happened on stage.
it was some of the best dancing i've ever seen.
just imagine
a bollywood remix of usher's yeah
combined with some traditional moves,
a lot of lassoing, arm shaking, resting
and a sprinkling of hip thrusting.


Christianna said...

Sounds awesome! Like really awesome!

Andrea said...

ANything with hip thrusting is loved by me

Ayley said...

this. sounds. amazing.

Alexandria said...

Would it have been a great day or the greatest day?

Ashley said...

ummmmmmmmmmm. I LOVE that you referenced the office here. HAHAHAHA.