Monday, November 19, 2012

wiiknd: all we do is listen to mackelmore.

a wish for snow.
laundry drop-off.
wedding picture drooling.
free pizza + purple coat.
target freak out.
it's always sunny.
cheesecake baking.
moonrise kingdom.
sweet, sweet slumber.

late start.
madbrook donuts.
football hating.
real talk.
gift wrapping.
dessert plating.
+ anna + lindsey + jules + sara + ayley
+ hannah + cyndi + mandy.
fan-girl moment.
respiratory colds. 
forced boob hugs.
pinterest apartment.
belly laughs.
horrible pictures.
michael clancy references.
awkward duo dances. 
pure happiness.

sore throat + head cold.
sweats all day.
blog stalking.
wedding picture drooling.
couch cuddles.
parks and rec.
ice cream.
"just let me take care of you."


Anna said...

Wait, what? Your header. And I love the square crop on the picture on the right. It's lovely.

Anna said...

Also was that just a fantastic little get together? I loved everything. Pinterest apartment is so true.

Alex said...

Your wiiknds rock. Fo sho.

Kelli Anderson said...

"just let me take care of you" swoooooon.

i'm pretty sure everyone died over everything about you brissa.

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

I watched Moonlight Kingdom this weekend.. the "love scene" had me covering my eyes and shouting.. "this is illegal.. this is illegal.."

Feel better, girl.

kylee said...

new look, i like. favorite part? the pic of you & your man on the right. i love when i read your wiiknd posts and know some of the inside jokes. can we hang out every weekend?

carla thorup said...

i'd totally bump racks with you right now.

mahgod is doing a new thang!

Ellie Kornexl said...

Love the look of the blog!!!
Very lovely, and I want to steal the make Love not Horcrux sign!