Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wiiknd: football season stole my husband.

[thurs]day night lights hangover.
lunch and a seinfeld.
the great migration with papa bear.
free cafe rio.
 british addiction.

college football = background music.
den organization.
papa + sass = home.
family dinner.
belated birthday celebration.
season two, finished.

purple + pink dress.
cute babies.
flow free during class.
crawdad, hooked. 
late night snack.
parks and rec. 

errands + laundry.
jello salad. 
meat monday = official end of summer.
home to cazj.
parks and rec.
intermission + ice cream.
gone baby gone.


Alissa said...

Flow free, meaning the app? Let's talk about that. I love that game.

Also, I have heard about this Cafe Rio place and would love to try it.

Elisha said...

Jello. MHHM.
Ice cream. Mhhm.
Monday = no summer.

Alex said...

Sigh. I lost my boyfriend to football too.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Jello. I hate jello.

Monday= no summer for pre-pubescent teens.

Kelli Anderson said...

flow free is addiction. SEINFELD i love as well as these posts of yours.