Saturday, September 8, 2012

it's good to be productive again.

after weeks of searching and applying 
and [mostly] housewife-ing,
i got a job.

it's nothing fancy,
but it keeps me busy and learning
and doing things i never thought i could do.
i love it.

i'm not writing for a paper or a magazine.
in fact, i'm not writing at all. 
but it's okay.

this way i can write for me.
write what i want.
what i care about.
what i feel.

the words are making a comeback.
just like leslie.

pll is a straight-up drug.
i can't stop watching.
i won't stop watching.


jessie said...

i died when i saw that episode of parks and rec. so funny.

Dani & Jake said...

"Get on your feeeet - get up and make it happen!"

Congrats on the job! Also, I want to hear that bacon poem before you send it to madi.

Alex said...

Congrats on your job girl :) Go get 'em!

Elisha said...

someone else shares my obsession of pll!! AAAHH.
It's sooo addictinggg.

:: ashley :: said...

congrats on the job! and we are obsessed with "plsqaured" is what we call it!

beth said...

Where?? Congrats! I am literally screaming with excitement for you :)

Sara said...

Uhhhh I gave myself NIGHTMARES watching pll and am now seriously contemplating forking over the money on itunes for the 3rd season because...who doesn't love a little teacher/student, psycho/stalker, killer/crazy, high school love fest?

PS Congrats on being a working woman!

Anonymous said...

it's funny, but i am kind of excited to do things outside of my major and degree when i graduate. i think this life is for wearing many hats and i see lots of fancy ones i want to put on. i think forewoman is next. or cupcake bakery worker (again). life is cool like that. and so are your words.

Kelli Anderson said...

oh i love housewife-ing. hahaha beats a job any day.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Congrats girl! I HATE job hunting, it is the WORST! So I know how amazing it feels to get it all together finally!

Andrea said...

p.s. I hate A ...and Spencer is the best dressed

kylee said...

bahahah dramA. but really, that show is so stupid, but not really because it's absolutely fabulous (in the most awful way). basically i'm obsessed with it and i want my very own ezra and i sort of wish i could be friends with them all so i could live in their dramatic life.