Monday, July 30, 2012

wiiknd: let's not talk about the men's 4 X 100m freestyle relay.

last day of work.
garlic artichoke pizza. 
goodbye balloons.
helium high.
game day shirts, purchased.
red lobster.
people watching.
cheddar bay biscuit heaven.
secret new addiction.

donut breakfast.
packing + truck loading + empty apartment.
family bridal shower = swag.
bachelorette party = swag.
favorite people around one table.
victorian invasion. 
fancy pants desserts. 
font selecting. 
early to bed.

whiney morning.
orange juice explosion.
toast breakfast.
interviews like woah.
happy tears.
move clothes to new apartment.
grilled turkey deliciousness.
turkey coma.
fresh blackberries and whipped cream.
stupid france. 
second to last sunday goodbye. 


Courtney B said...

Donut breakfasts are the BEST! I miss those so much. Sadly, pregnancy has made me NOT want to ever have donuts for breakfast. So I've been missing out for the last 5 months... only 4 more to go til I can indulge again :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

listen, that relay broke my heart.

Alex said...

Blackberries <3

Jessica Wray said...

the relay... sad. I was so sad. drooling over the men, but sad.

Karolina said...

font selecting hmmm