Friday, July 27, 2012

happy trees + happy clouds

i was raised on the classics. 
i thought everyone my age listened to them.
it wasn't until i listed, "boston" as one of my favorite bands
in a "get to know me" slideshow in seventh grade
and my teacher loudly cheered"yeah!!! boston!" 
that i knew something needed to change.
in order to teach myself the "kewl" music from my time, 
i listened to radio disney.

nearly every morning before school,
 i would call-in to see if i could get through to the dj's and win a prize.
one glorious morning, i got through.
"radio disney! how are you?!"
i died.
my voice was going to be on the radio.
i was practically famous.

after some chit-chat, homegirl asked me who my favorite artist was.
that's weird...why would she ask me who my favorite artist was?
i replied honestly and confidently,
"bob ross."
if i had seen her face, i'm sure she would have looked at me
like i was a complete idiot.

"no," she said, slower this time," who's your favorite
muuuusical artist?"
i panicked.
i didn't know what to say.
i was raised on boston, styx, the clash, the ramones, for pete's sake!
i was raised on everything radio disney wasn't!
i choked and said,
"uuhh...avril lavigne...?"

i was late to school so i could hear my voice on the radio.
i was so worried they'd play out the whole thing
and laugh at me on-air.
"avril lavigne...?" is the only part that made the cut.
i didn't even get a solid 15 seconds of fame.

the moral of the story is,
that dj was wrong and i was right.
thanks to autotune and technology,
bob ross is now an artist for your eyes and your ears.

suck it, radio disney.


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

this is the funniest story/remix of all time.

brizz....i loved this in every way.

i'm also SUPER familiar with bob ross, in that i used to get up an hour early for my 8am college course to catch him on PBS.

Dani & Jake said...

There are very few blogs that can make me as happy as yours. I CANNOT stop watching that cat video

Kelli Anderson said...

this is the most hilarious thing ever. you are a celebrity!

Kelli Anderson said...

this is the most hilarious thing ever. you are a celebrity!

Ashley said...

YESSSSSSSS. Happy Treeeees!!!

You should have schooled that DJ and said Boston :)

Ariel Tyler said...

hahahahaha. oh my god. this is fantastic. you just made my Friday.

Sara said...

Bob Ross!!!! I would watch him ALL THE TIME.

jessie said...

i used to watch bob ross all the time. i have a bob ross t-shirt.

kylee said...

radio disney, we're all ears.
loved that station. called it often. even got on the radio once, but i honestly don't remember much. it's possible that they cut me off too.

Jaclyn said...

i. am. dying. this was hilarious. i even shared it with blake and he agreed. suck it radio disney! ha ha!

Kari said...

This remix is like the best pep talk I've ever heard. brilliance.