Monday, July 23, 2012

wiiknd: i'm no longer allowed to send texts that say, "i'm dead."

half-day crap-day.
needed hug.
papa pick-up.
dress shopping for mama. 
mall couch cuddling.
lettuce wrapped burger.
jgl. oh baby, baby. 

apartment cleaning.
appliance scrubbing.
fume induced highs.
peach rainbow, extra-syrup.
 shower cry.
honest conversation.
pre-rodeo cuddle.
sweet voicemail.
mac and cheese.

"i'm dead."
heart smiles for bfflizzles.
"you have an uncanny way of making things awkward."
private classes.
ensalada rusa. 
spaceman walking.
invitation distributing.
apartment cleaning.
floor talks.
italian chicken.
baby brother pick-up.
folded chairs and stretched legs. 
food network.
driveway hugs.


elizabeth, eliza, liza, liz, elles, etc. said...

i love that you love the food network as much as a i do. chopped all day err'day mixed with some sweet genius, food network star, the best thing i ever ate, the list goes on. its my fav.

:: ashley :: said...

I love your weekend updates, so fun :) can't believe youre getting married soon! Yay!

Alex said...

No being dead. Not at all. Love you girly.

Ashley said...

I must see Batman!!! I still haven't :(

Shower cries are the most cathartic thing in the world!

Kari said...

But really though, JGL is perfection! I'm just in love with him.

kylee said...

jgl. oh baby oh baby oh BABBBBYYYYY. but really. i am IN LOVE. i wish i could be his hollywood wife. have i told you how much i love jgl yet?