Friday, July 20, 2012

i just couldn't yesterday.

with everything going on,
i can't help but feel helpless.
i want to fix everything,
hug everyone,
tell them it will be okay,
but i can't.

 my temper is short.
i get upset over vegetables
and cry when i watch videos of stranger's babies
and grey's anatomy.

i know marrying you won't fix everything.
it won't stop my parents from moving,
it won't heal my sister,
it won't get me a job,
and it won't make me less dramatic,
but it will help.
it will help because i will have you.

you can dull the heart hurt.
you can calm my worries.
you can give me strength.

three weeks.
three weeks and i get to be with you every day.
not just weekends or holidays.

three weeks and i'll be yours
and you'll be mine
and it will stay that way 
even after we die. 
the reality of forever is beautiful.


Stesha said...

stay strong love. You can do it!


Alissa said...

3 weeks? You got this. You do.

Plus, I cry over my peas all the time. No biggie.

Ellie Kornexl said...

3 weeks?!?! Crazy town! It's so nice to have someone to come home to and cuddle all the awfulness away. things will get better!

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

You know.. some people hate it when their friends get married.. I however love it. I love that my friends have someone to pick them up and brush off the dust, every single day.. because obviously I can't..

I'm so happy for you.

Your sister.
Your mom.
All that hurt.

Mary said...

The fact that you're watching Grey's is making me feel so much better about the massive amount of time I spend watching it. Oh, and that you cry too. That show is so dang emotional!

meme-and-he said...

well put. marriage doesn't solve life's problems, but it sure makes things more tolerable. can't wait for your sweet wedding!

Lauren said...

I'm sorry Brissa! You're a rock star and you're going to make the prettiest bride ever! Omg I can't get over your gorgeous engagements. Model status.

Alex said...

Hugs girl. I know how you feel. And you're so lucky to have so much love in your life. <3 <3

Dearest Lou said...

Awe Brissa such a sweet post. It can be so stressful but I know you can make it through the next 3 weeks! I'm SO EXCITED for your wedding you look so gorgeous in your announcement and I can't wait<3


jorjiapeach said...

this is beautiful.

Cara said...

"it will be that way even after we die."

I LOVE THAT. I love that we have that hope.
Love this Brissa. I know what you mean, btw.
About the hopeless helplessness.

Anonymous said...

this almost made me cry. and i only cry from animal movies and also watching strangers babies on youtube. this is the good stuff, brissa. realizing all of this despite all the scary stuff is what is so so good about this world.

Cassie Traasdahl said...

it's amazing how much one person can have such an impact on your life. it won't solve your problems, but it definitely makes them a little easier to handle. good luck with everything! just saw your announcement at the ole in-laws yesterday. beautiful!

Mars said...

How sweet. You guys are adorable and how great it is that you'll get to be with him forever and ever! Hang in there!

ayley said...

this is so sweet brissa. i'm about to text you.

Long said...

umm... you need to inform me what the HAYYY is goin on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long said...

haha... this is lillie.. but i know longs password... haha!