Thursday, July 26, 2012

two things, maybe three.

yesterday i met up with madi and dani.
we spent six hours together.
it was honestly the best first blogger date
i've ever been on.
it felt like i was catching up with friends
i hadn't seen for the summer. 

we laughed, we talked, i cried.
we quoted 30 rock and baby mama,
and discussed how much we missed old disney.
we watched youtube videos and brainstormed the most
incredible ideas that i'm hoping with all my heart become reality. 

maybe it's weird to other people,
but the connections we make in this little world are real.
seeing madi and dani in real life wasn't weird at all.
in fact, it felt completely normal.
the only negative was having to cram so much
life-sharing into a measly six hours. 

madi's going on a mission in three weeks.
she'll be gone for 18 months and
the only communication we'll have is 
crayon drawing letters that depict my feelings 
on grey's and parenthood. 
and while dani will still be here
and communication via the interwebz can happen, 
i'll be gone. married. moved.

but the great thing is,
i know when we meet up again,
it will be just like it was last night.
three old friends catching up like crazy
and bonding over bacon. 

i'm too lazy to change the title
and i said this post would have two topics.
but the main reason i'm posting this video is because i'm obsessed with it.
and just so you know, every time i hear this song,
 i stretch out my hands like the kitty does during the "sail!" part. 
it makes the song so much better. 


Dani & Jake said...

BACON TACOS AND BABY QUIDDITCH FOR LIFE!! So happy we made that happen last night. And I'm so happy you posted that cat video.

Anonymous said...

"crayon drawing letters that depict my feelings
on grey's and parenthood. " um. why are we the same person?

Harley said...

that video.
12 times now.

yay for blog friends.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

you don't need to tell me that these "connections" are real.


Lauren Hall said...

Whoever put that video to the song is brilliant.

Madi said...

I am expecting at least one crayon letter drawing while I am out there. I have a feeling you are going to be my "i just drew a picture of bacon and want to send it to someone" go-to friend while I am on my mission.

I am obessed with you/this video.