Monday, April 9, 2012

wiiknd: "you look like the beginning of a nicholas sparks movie."

jazz victory.
kitchen dancing.
heart smiles. 
ice cream.
vanilla sky.
hobo brother on the driveway.
scattered change.

sweet, sweet slumber.
postcard machine.
easter egg hiding + hunt.
ipad lusting.
oil change. 
car wash. 
afternoon nap.
six hour phone brick.
my big fat gypsy wedding.
easter egg dying. 

easter sunday.
pastel tie + spring dress.
kitchen assistants.
hammock lounging all day.
family facetime.
stomachaches due to excessive laughter.
family dinner.
post-dinner conversation.
strawberry shortcake.
evening walk.


Becca said...

i like all these words. :)

kandice said...

sounds so great brissa! happy easter!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

easter egg dying.

i love you so much.

we're skying this next weekend, you haev NO CHOICE, so finalize your life and make it a priority, dangig. 2 in the morning. we're doing this. I have to test your zombie skills and sing you a song.

Christianna said...

You could give Nicholas Sparks a run for his money. He best look out. I think I'd read your books before his too...

Stesha said...

you are great with words! I am jealous of that talent


Alex said...

Solid weekend gurl.

Ashley said...

brissa! I love hammocks AND I love playing rummy! We need to hanggggg.