Tuesday, April 10, 2012

titanic update.

even though i look like a five year old
who just snorted five pixy stix, 
this is still one of my favorite pictures
with one of my favorite people.
please note our happy pre-titanic faces.
emily is a veteran.
she knew exactly what was going to happen.
i wish she had warned my heart.
but it's okay,
my heart and i forgave her when she sent us a link 
to symbolism found in the movie.

i watched that "nearer my god to thee" scene 
with my little sister on friday.
we were both bawling within the first 17 seconds.

in the middle of a pleasant easter dinner,
my dad decided to tell me that letting me watch titanic
in elementary still wouldn't have made me popular.
my siblings agreed and laughed at me.
i ate my weight in potatoes. 

thumbtanic does not prepare you
for the real thing.
at all.

 shay told me
i was having a mental breakdown 
and she "cannot get over [my] reaction to this movie,"
i guess that means i have to stop talking 
about how amazing titanic was/is/will always be.
so i will.
so you don't think i'm crazy.
i'm not.
just obsessed. 
there's a difference.

this is me,
promising not to post about titanic ever again.
until i watch it again in a few weeks...
i'm sorry. this addiction will never die. 
i'm not really sorry.

you're allowed to make fun of my "weird neck thing."
justin and emily did.
my personal favorite was justin saying, 
"uugh brissa, what's wrong with your neck?!"
nothing says true friendship
like open honesty and disgust about
your uncontrollable neck issues.


Elisha(: said...

hahah your posts are the best.

Ellie Kornexl said...

noooooooo. not the quartet scene. my heart is broken. that is my favorite scene from the whole movie.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Oh man, that Shay girl.. what a witch. :)

I still can't believe your reaction to it, I just can't. I think I kinda cried watching it, kinda?

Never, ever, ever watch Simon Birch. Talk about the movie that makes you wish you were dead.

emilymcb said...

AHHH! That is so funny! I didn't even realize you had posted this.

I love you. Also, I did NOT make fun of your neck all night!!! I was too enthralled with Leo to think much about it :)

Kirstyn said...

I love that you love it! Such a classic. I can't wait ot see it in 3D

Christianna said...

Of course you've seen "Thumbtanic". No one ever knows what I'm talking about when I talk about it. It's soooo funny!

I love that you love "Titanic" so much.

Ashley said...

I love the "nearer my god to thee" scene...the movie really is smashing! I own it and will always love it! I just won't love that damn celine dion song!!

Ashley said...

Dont stop with the Titanic posst you just keep em coming!! ;) Eeeeee, I love Jack and Rose!! I'll never let go!! Gaaaahhh, I cried for days after that for days!! Seriously, one of the best films in the world!! I saw it twice already! and when it first came out i think i saw it 10 times!! I was a tad obsessed! Jack was on my wall all throughout elem school hahaha...btw, that photo of you two so stinkin cute Oooh eeeem geeee!! :)

Hilary said...

I didn't get to watch Titanic in elementary school either, and I'm still salty.

Madi said...

hahaha "i ate my weight in potatoes"

My mom never let me watch the titanic either! and im too cheap to pay $17 for a movie.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Well, our hearts will go on and on that's for sure. I actually watched a documentary on this Sunday night and was fascinated. I think it will always be a sea of mystery.

Kelli Anderson said...

this is like the world's most epic delayed reaction EVER. i love that you're freaking out for the first time in your life about a movie that came out in 1997. it is like every reason why you are the greatest and why it bothers me that we aren't better friends. i wish real life was as accessible as the onlinez world. but as a sidenote i have to say that titanic isn't just some movie. you have every reason to be freaking out.