Wednesday, April 11, 2012

finals week brings out the crazies like human flesh brings out the zombies.

i'll let you guess which part i wrote.
hint: it's not in the asterisks. 

you guys,
there are twenty-two pages of notes on this google doc.
what on earth needs to be added to
or further explained that isn't found in one of those pages?

we could literally make two children's books
with these page numbers.
including pictures.

finals week makes me want to become a dealer
just to give people chill pills for free.
i would be a friendly dealer.
a legal dealer.
a necessary dealer.


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

You are my dealer.

i literally have hated today. hated it, and have been waiting, waiting for a briss fix, just so I can breathe and say.. I HATED TODAY but I have Briss so life is good.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

this one time, when i was in college, i took theater class. and well, it was finals week.

our final exam? a play that we had to PERFORM. also, i hate theater. it was an elective that i had to take.
oximoron? all the other elective courses were full.

my classmates? crazies. literally. i volunteered to write the entire play if they didn't call me and if we didnt' have to meet to write anything. i wrote it in 2 hours. forwarded it, we memorized it. rehearsed once.

we got a stinkin' A.

worth it.

Christianna said...

EEEwwww, finals. This post is so true. You go deal happiness now!

whatevergatsby said...

oh mylanta. BEYOND CRAY. they should just read your blogsie blog. thats my chill pill.