Friday, February 3, 2012

this is the beginning of the end.

last night i had a dream.
it was so real.
when it started, 
i was in an apartment with kids i didn't know.
when i say kids, i mean kids.
like junior high age.
they kept showing up.

my house was a safe house.
outside was dangerous.
outside was bad.
no one said anything, 
but i knew that outside my four walls,
the zombie apocalypse was beginning. 

there were suddenly reporters
wanting to take pictures and interview us
because apparently my safe house was a "hot story"
and people were still reading newspapers.
yeah...right...not if an apocalypse is looming..
the kids spoke to the reporters
through my front window.
i stayed back, preparing.
all i can remember packing 
were clothes, my iphone, and water bottle. 

i looked out the back window 
to guess how big of  a jump it would be.
there were people everywhere.
they were all staring up to my apartment window.
i had no idea why everyone was so interested in us,
 but i knew they wanted us
and i knew if they got hold of us,
we'd be doomed.

at one point, i remember frantically searching 
for the phone charger and robitussin i hid earlier
"just in case."
i was determined to find that robitussin.
i couldn't leave without it.

suddenly, we were in my childhood home.
my mom was there, 
telling me to forgot about the robitussin
and pleading with me to be safe. 
i told the kids to wait until i called them.
i was going to ride my bike
until i found somewhere safe. 

the reporters were still there.
they wanted to come in.
something was about to happen.
i could feel it in my heart.
something big.
something that would change the world forever.

and then i woke up.

i woke up and it still felt real.
when i left my apartment i was carrying
my laundry basket, overnight bag, backpack, and purse.
all i could think was,
"how am i going to be able to protect myself
when the zombies come at me out there?"

this is not a joke.

my heart sped up as i waited for the elevator.
i made sure it was empty before stepping in.
my heart nearly stopped when the elevator
reached the parking garage.

what if they were waiting for me because they could hear
the beeps from the elevator?
how was i going to fight them?
how was i going to explain this to my mom?

the doors opened.
nothing happened.
no zombies.
no reporters.
no junior high kids seeking refuge.
as i loaded my car, 
i kept looking behind my shoulder
because you never know.

it's been nearly thirty minutes since i entered reality
and my heart is still beating fast.
it was so real.
it's coming.
are you ready?


Ashley said...

bahahaha! Robitussin is a weapon against zombies?!?

I learned the term "zompocalypse" the other day, btw :)

mandyface said...

I've no doubt I'll join the zombie/winning side pretty quick. I'm really lookin forward to chillin with the zombs. Sorry if I end up eating your brains but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Christianna said...

I totally had a dream like this once, it's so strange when you wake up and feel as though it should be real. No zombies yet, but hell, it could happen...

Melissa Blake said...

Love this!

kylee said...

packing an iphone is essential. instagram is going to be firing up when zombies take over the world. sooo many pictures of zombies. everywhere. can't wait. whyyy!?! why do you always have to wake up right when things are about to get crazy?! i hate/love when dreams feel so real you can't quite shake it from real life. like once time i had a dream about being pregnanat - actually nightmare because i was without husband, i had no idea how the baby got inside of me and my dad was probably going to hate me - and when i woke up i seriously thought i might have magically become pregnant over night. it was the scariest thing of my life. if zombies do come after us all i am for sure heading to your safe house. i'll even bring my bike so you don't have to ride alone.

Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

I think those sleeping pills you take are a GREAT idea.

Zombies got nothing on me. I know the rules.

But I gotta say, your fierce need to find the robitussin was absolutely hilarious.

Rumor around the web is that Zombies can jump out of your computer screen. So best be watchin your back, or face.

I feel no need to swear at you right now. You might wanna swear at me though.

Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

Comment #2

My friend wants your address, it's the safe house.

My coworker said, "you guys just put foil on your head, they won't be able to read your mind."
Me: what?
Her: Haven't you seen Signs?
Me: Dude that is all about aliens not zombies.
Her: Same thing.
Me: You'll be killed first.

Anonymous said...

girl, i got you. i'll bring my bat and my own bottle of the 'tussin. WE RUN THIS.

meme-and-he said...

oh. my. gosh.
I am laughing so hard.

Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

I gotta tell you one more thing, because two comments is NEVER enough.

I had a dream a few months back that the world was coming to an end, bombs were going off all around me, and all I did was sit on the back porch and eat chocolate chip cookies.

Crystle said...

I married an army man. Is that ready enough? I freakin' hope so!!