Thursday, February 2, 2012

the following are legitimate concerns/thoughts/scientific questions floating around my brain.

is it possible to overdose on clementines?
i ate four the other day...
i can't stop.

does splitting my 1mg cherry flavored melatonin
sleeping supplement leave me with any drugz?
i don't think it does.
i actually think it's more of a placebo 
and my brain is really good at pretending it's real.

do baby carrots naturally grow to be so small
or are they prematurely plucked?

what is the science on being
geographically lactose intolerant?
it's real.
i have it.

is it still considered "creeping"
if i facebook stalk myself for an undisclosed amount of time?

is it bad to laugh at my own jokes
and wish i could hang out with early versions of myself
solely based on the fact that this was my status in 2011,
xx i wEaR bRIghT coLorS tO hIdE ThE dARkneSs iN mY sOuL xx
and in 2010 basilisk potter was my name?

maybe i shouldn't have voiced/typed/admitted 
those last two concerns...
oh well,
h8rz gon' h8.

happy humpday hangover.
it's almost friday.


kylee said...

bahahhaaa facestalking yourself! i do the same thing. i always archive dive through my photos. alwaaaaays.

Christi Lynn said...

you are so great. geographically lactose intolerant?! what is that! i think these are pretty legit questions.

Natasha Louise said...

Now I'm intrigued about the baby carrots

Kelli Anderson said...

oh my gosh brissa i love everything about you. i love that you admitted to facebook stalking yourself. we all do it. i love your 2011 status and that your name in 2010 was basilisk potter. i love that you claim to be geographically lactose intolerant. its all just so good.

Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

Briss. I'm takin off the A that's right. BFF's can do that.

Hey remember that time Regina Spektor only ate boxes of tangerines? So cheap and juicy. If you don't know that song, well.. then you're probably even more confused because you only said CLEMENTINES. Oh gees.

With a freakin mind like yours so clever & hilarious its not a mystery as to why you require a sleeping pill.

OH AND I could just swear at your for having private blogs.

Sierra ShaneĆ” said...

Ok 1) I think (let's be honest, I hope)that it's not possible to overdose on clementines.I ate 12 in one sitting. And I'm still alive. I may not be 100% normal, but I did eat 12 clementines so was I ever really normal to begin with? Probably not.
2) I LOVE that your name was basilisk potter. Too bad we don't live in the same state. Because I'm pretty sure we're kindred spirits.

Sophie said...

hahah this was amazing. i creep on myself on facebook all the time too. and shitttt i dont even what to know what some of my old status' were. but i think most of my cringey ones came from myspace. thank god i closed that down.

just found your blog. soo happy i did! im following x

taryn and taylor said...

i'm going to be completely honest & admit those exact thought have trumped my mind many times. the baby carrots, fb stalking myself, being lactose intolerant.. everything!

Ashley said...

Briss, you are AMAZING.

You might turn orange from the clementines.

I've wondered the SAME THING about baby carrots!!

dina vanessa mercado said...

very interesting questions!!!! sometimes those does crosses my mind too.... and its fun to laugh at ourselves most of the time to have a positive outlook towards others... great post!!!! kisses!!!

mandyface said...

I have a feeling Basilisk Potter and I would get on quite nicely.

Anonymous said...