Thursday, February 9, 2012

magic messages

sometimes days suck.
like really.
the kind of sucky days where all you want to do is give up on everything,
crawl into bed, read, pray for rain, 
and talk to someone who will magically make it all better.
and on those days
when you think nothing can make you smile, 
you get an email from your favorite person with the subject,
"just a little something to get you through the day,"
and this as the message.
and suddenly your day is less grey
and smiling comes easy.

thank goodness for ryan gosling.
thank goodness for meme's.
thank goodness for the inventor of ryan gosling meme's.
thank goodness for people knowing exactly what you need.

take me ryan.
i'm yours.


Alexandria said...

Oh Ryan, come here and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. FOREVER.

Shaylynn... Bloggin Fool. said...

Eva Mendes has nothing on me.

Christianna said...

This is awesome! I love those moments where you get just what you need at the right moment!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... i about died.
i love this WAY too much!
so cute!

He & Me said...


Anonymous said...

Um ok THANK YOU for turning my somewhat gloomy day into a laugh fest. Why is Ryan so dreamy?!

Jessica Wray said...

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

jessie said...

i love hey girl.
i LOVE ryan.

Natasha Louise said...

hahaha oh my gosh this is amazing!! So funny! Hope your days get better lady xx

Ashley said...

thank you, thank you, thank youuu meme for sending this to brissa! And thank you Brissa for sharing Ryan with ussss!! Day.officially.made.

LeeLee said...

Haha, Love Ryan Gosling.

ellie said...

I love the crafty ones of these! They are HILARIOUS.

Heather said...


McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

hahahhahah BRISSA!!! You seriously crack me up!!!

Want to hear a little secret... Ryan Gosling was born and raised in the LDS church. I have a pretty reliable source since my Brother-in-Law use to date his sister and hung out with the family all the time! Yeah not going to lie... a little jealous of him, and wish he could rekindle that relationship for my own selfish needs and wants!

I am glad you got the "pick me up" that you were needing for your day!

McKenzie King said...

how do you find these gems?

mandyface said...