Thursday, January 26, 2012


there is always time for recreational reading.
it's up to me to make time.

soul secrets are always better
when written pen to paper.

if your mom offers to give you a box
of sweet and salty nature valley granola bars,
if you don't, you'll kick yourself for days.

apparently picnik is moving to google+ in april.
why is google+ ruining my life?!

[today it is] thursday, thursday.
[tomorrow] is friday, friday.
we we we so excited.

microsoft paint is my anti-drug.
i know this because when i got bored in travel photography,
it was either paint or the bandito blanco*.
i chose paint. 
upon completing my drug-free activity, 
i realized it looked like some type of brainwashing propaganda.
guess i know what posters i'll use when i plan my takeover.
i mean...

*mami, don't worry. it was just a 30 rock reference. 
drugz were never an actual option.
i'm clean.
i promise.


Kate @ Wake Up, Lovely said...

i so agree with making time for reading, lately i'm making at least half an hour a day for it. most of the time it just takes turning off the tv! xo

Andrea Hatch said...

'Tis a good image for conquest.
Most robots only see black and white so this is optimal for full intimidation.

memory said...

your mami should be proud.


Christianna said...

I agree with the reading thing! You have to make time.

Dearest Lou said...

Haha I hate google+

meme-and-he said...

ugh I know, Piknik is a sell out. I am upset!!!
also, if I stare at that picture long enough I'll have a seizure.

ayley said...

your posts are always so full of things i want to respond to that i end up not even commenting at all. doesn't make sense? oh i know.

so i will respond to everything here.

recreational reading absorbs my time. no bueno.
paper notes make EVERYTHING better!
now i want sweet and salty granola bars.
picnik is lame. but free premium for a few months is noice!
where did the week go? i suddenly remembered a bunch of stuff i have to get done before monday! ahh!
i miss microsoft paint. i have a mac. and i just end up using illustrator or photoshop anyways. but good old PAINT!

that picture rocks.
it makes me want to be enslaved or something.

kylie said...

so i started following you on twitter and i saw that 30rockquotes totally tweeted at you. nicely done!

Heather said...

So im a friend of little miss KyleeAnn and got to your blog through her. Lets just say I have blogged stalk you more than once:) Ky helped me set up a blog a few weeks ago so now I can offically follow you! woot woot!

kylee said...

i hate google+ and i hate that picnik is moving. it's the only reason i caved and got myself a google+ if they don't provide every thing picnik had and more i might just start calling it google- who am i kidding, i already consider it google-

whatevergatsby said...

seriously. i am always so close to wetting myself when i read your posts. stop it brissa, you're making me looks so un lady-like.

Kari said...

Ha ha. "Which is a name for cocaine I just made up."

Kelli Anderson said...

soul secrets are always better
when written pen to paper.

that's a gem right there.

little t said...

I agree- there is definitely always time to read. Especially if you have a really good book!

Carrie Ann said...

Brissa. I love this. AND. I love your hair, it's so long. AND I miss you.

Ashley said...

you look like zombie brissa here! haha.

Stupid Piknik!!!! I'm ad about that shiz too!

Crystle said...

Time to raid my parents pantry and not do drugs. You are an inspiration! Haha, watch out Oprah!

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I LOVE IT!! This picture rocks! Why does Google think they can take over the world? And if Adobe would stop acting like they are worth more then the average person then maybe people could afford to buy it and work their creative outlet via Photoshop/Illistrator but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! They act like they are royalty and I clearly can not afford it! RUDE!

Now Picnik thinks the same... I HATE MY LIFE!! ahha