Wednesday, January 25, 2012

because it's worthy of it's own post.

a few lists ago
i mentioned an ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.
because of its greatness,
and the gastric nirvana i reached upon its consumption,
i have decided to dedicate an entire post to it.
and begin.

after a friday night trip to best buy, 
the decision was made to eat at zupa's.
whenever i go to zupa's i always get
tomato basil and wisconsin cauliflower soup 
and the tba panini.
{that's code for turkey, bacon avocado}.
i have an obsession with avocados and bacon and turkey,
so it always made sense to go for it.
this time i decided to branch out.
it was a big deal.

i like trying new foods, 
but i don't mess around when it comes to favorite foods.
i'm always afraid i'll order something "new and exciting" 
and end up regretting it.
that's what happened when i decided to get pumpkin ravioli in 2010.

back to my story.
i took the leap, 
trusted the recommendation, 
and went for it.

you guys.
their ultimate grilled cheese was nothing short of magical.

i am ashamed/proud to admit i was genuinely 
heartbroken when i realized it was gone.
sometimes i even dream about it. 


Elisha(: said...

i tried a new foood.. {wendy's spicky chicken ceaser salad} and ohhhhhhh was it goooodd!!!!!! :D <3

emilymcb said...

I get the same soup combo as you. I knew we were meant to be friends.

Madi said...

I dream of that grilled cheese every day of my sad existence with out it.

ellie said...

In college everyone ate at this one Mexican Restaurant (that's what we called it, as there was only one in the town) and 99% of people ate Arroz con Pollo. I refused to be one of the heard so I jumped around the menu. One day the place was empty and I was only with a few friends so I went for it. I can't believe how stupid I had been in squandering all those years of eatting Arroz con Pollo. Sooo stupid....

carla thorup said...

we are a tba family, but maybe after this post we will branch out. the cauli soup is so right.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I think I am the only person on earth that doesn't love a grilled cheese.

kylee said...

the whole fear of ordering something "new and exciting" only to regret it in the end is a major issue in my life. i get the exact same things every time i go out to eat. la puente? smothered burrito with a side of rice, no cheese. every single time. the waiter that used to work there knew what i was having before i even sat at the table. okaaay i need to go to zupas asap to try that perfect sounding grilled mountain of cheese. mountain? i don't know, just run with it. food excites me and makes me make weird analogies. next time we meet up, which better be asap. lets make it a zupas date.

memory said...

when i was a kid, i had grilled cheese every wednesday night. i think it's about time to make that a traditon again.

P.S. "we could collect nuts."

"yes! and throw them at the Telmarines! SHUT UP."


ashley said...

that sounds uh-mazing! now I am hungry...

Andrea said...

Seriously Sooooooo Guuuuuuuud. My hubs works at Zupas, so I've tried many a sandwich there and that ultimate grilled cheese is ultimate yum in my face.

Katrina said...

I never think to order a grilled cheese when I go out - now I wish we had a Zupa's around here somewhere so I could try this magical sandwich! Yum.

McKenzie King said...

give me zupas now! that sounds divine.