Friday, December 2, 2011

never again.

last night i had a brilliant idea.
i took that brilliant idea and decided to act on it.
and that is how my 
lonely island station on pandora was born.
daniel tosh.
weird al.
antoine dodson.
i was dazed.
i was confused.
i felt betrayed.
as this song played, i lost my faith in internet radio
and asked myself questions that can never be answered.

welcome to my thoughts.

since when did this become a legit, "used by pandora" song?
is this the future?
why is antoine posterized?
did they really have a photoshoot with him in that outfit?
is that all he wears?
how does he never have time to shave his face 
but have time to straighten his hair?
what did he do with all that money?
i hope he bought his sister a house in a safe neighborhood.
did they ever find that rapist?
the hair. 
is that a shadow or armpit hair?
i hope it's a shadow.
his collarbone looks nice. 
his he trying to seduce the camera?
why am i still listening to this?

it starts out all fun and games
until pandora breaks your heart.
please listen to me.
save yourself from heartbreak
and never, ever ruin lonely island
with a pandora station.
keep it secret.
keep it safe. 


emilymcb said...

you are funny.

Becca and Derek said...

HAHAHAHA. you are hilarious. I agree, Lonely Island station is sacred!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

hahaha. This makes me laugh. :) Little known me fact: my hometown (Huntsville AL) is the one and only location of the infamous and craaaazy Antoine. I don't think he lives there anymore.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Whatever! I LOVE Antoine. I think he and I could really kick it together. He's just the kind of brother I want looking out for me. And we have matching armpit hair.


meme-and-he said...

bahaha that is awesome. your poor scarred ears.

Kandice said...

my sister listens to lonely island
noooooon stooooop.

is that guy from youtube or something? or was it tosh.0 who was talking about him..? i can't remember

carla thorup said...

i'm a huge antoine fan. i use the word snatchin' much more frequently now.

Anonymous said...

right?!?! hahah this made me laugh out loudly. and i thank you.