Thursday, December 1, 2011

for the love of all that is holy, bring the fuzzy posters back.

i'm sure you've read this article.
it's true.
all of it.
and because it's true,
it makes me miss my childhood.
after reading it, i googled 'lisa frank'
to look at some pictures and reminisce.
that's when i stumbled upon
it's like crack.
i want everything.
i'm seriously considering buying
the school assortment pack along with some 
unicorn spiral notebooks and folders
for my last semester of college.
i want to go out in style.
i also found out mz. frank has a clothing line
and yes, it is as bad/great as you imagined.
behold, a floor-length, spray painted
"rainbow" denim skirt.
despite her epic failures with nearly every 
piece of clothing,
lisa got it right with this little number. 

i WILL own this. 
my favorite part about this sweatshirt,
besides the color, pattern and neon cacti,
is the fact it's only offered in an 
"adult x-large."
it's like she knows the only way to wear this bad boy
is as an over-sized sweatshirt
with neon leggings and a side ponytail.

!!!viva le lisa!!!

 i tried to find a picture of the actual lisa frank. 
it's impossible.
i have now made it my goal in life
to find out what this genius looks like.


Christianna said...

Oh no Lisa Frank! That's old school!

Dearest Lou said...

Brissa I could totally see you rockin that sweatshirt!

Andrea said...

This is so so great!!!! I once had a student named "Topanga" -no joke. Obvious 90s love child. But none of the other students had any idea how freakin awesome her name was! She didn't even know! She said she knew it was from some show, but she had never watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. love lisa. I have a folder of hers with a lion cub and baby elephant being best friends with rainbows and glitter

Andrea said...


McKenzie King said...


Anonymous said...

I like them. (: Facebook Twitter

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Oh I used to be such a huge fan. I My grandma used to buy me the big fuzzy posters to color. My mom never spent the money...I can't blame

I think I turned out despite this fact.


Becca and Derek said...

HAHAHAH. You are always hilarious! I love it!

He & Me said...

Bahahahaha I was at work silently shaking with laughter. oh how i love everything on that list. and i must have colored 50 fuzzy posters.

Deidre said...

Wow, this brings me back! It was a simpler time then.

ellie said...

I love Lisa Frank! Thank you!

Cassidy said...

OH YESSSSS!! yes please! This is the best thing ever! GO LF!!

Crystle said...

I saw that article floating around face book! Lisa Frank: it is the dream of a better tomorrow. Love it!!

Anna said...

Best website ever. EVER. I really love crap like this and I want to legitimately wear these kinds of clothing. Don't be surprised if I buy that skirt.

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Ohhh Lisa Frank. I had so many trapper keepers covered in LF. Which, of course, I carried around so proudly.

meg said...

Yessss!!! I need that Lisa Frank sweatshirt.

Lost&Found said...

OMG, Lisa Frank! I was OBSESSED with this stuff when I was younger. My poor parents couldn't take me to the drug store without me BEGGING to get something! That sweatshirt is awesome!

Happy Wednesday!