Monday, December 5, 2011


you guys.

once again,
youtube won't let me embed,
but you have to watch this.
trust me.
i can't get over it.

this may be one of the most beautiful poems i've ever heard.

the climax makes my heart pound
and cuts my breath short.
all the holy's.
the way he strings words together.
pilot lights.
movie screens appearing on awakened planets.
falling for a swish of light.
black construction paper night.

"the design in the stars is the same in our hearts
the design in the stars is the same in our hearts
in the rebuilt machineries of our hearts"


Madi said...

what the what?

i want to cry this is so good.

ohp wait.

just did.

and i posted it to my blog.
and my facebook.
possibly my twitter to come.


Ashley said...

That was quite good :)

"The back porch of God's summer house" and "it feels like cotton candy tastes."

Both great lines :)

Ayley said...

you are the coolest

Krystal said...

wow...thanks for sharing this, kind of needed something this amazing at the moment!

Celeste said...

holy crap. i usually can't stand hearing poetry read by other people... but this was something else.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

and yes, youtube has been silly lately, and very tricky!
xo TJ

Bibi said...

The first poem I watched was performed very interestingly. I really liked it!

Ah, youtube... yes, it can be tricky at times. :)

emily. said...

well that was beautiful. i've watched it six times now. i can't wait to fall in love and say these exact things to my significant other. so stunning. thanks for sharing.