Tuesday, November 29, 2011

observations/facts/advice gathered from life after a food coma.

watching experts rock it on ifly
is more exciting than watching a beginner.

chocolate chip cookie dough
is the best ice cream.
no question.

i'm a natural when it comes to skee-ball.
five tickets, baybaaay.

never get pizza with lettuce on top,
even if avocados are involved.
the eating process is tricky and results in
lettuce falling, tomato face attacks, 
panicked faces, and non-stop teasing.

christmas lights are beautiful.
they're even better when covering every tree, shrub, 
nativity scene, and especially in the form of luminaries

apparently i talk like bill cosby 
when i get excited about hot chocolate.
in my defense, 
it was really good hot chocolate. 

watching the led zeppelin lazer show in a dome theatre 
will make you seasick. 
but in a good "holy cow, my eyes are seizing" way.

when people watching an awkward first date,
try not to make eye contact with the girl
you know doesn't want to be there.
she will send you mixed signals.
hate rays, pleading glances,
fake laughter, hate lazers,
and death glares.
poor thing.
at least she got dessert...


McKenzie King said...

was this pizza from cpk? i've been there done that.

Ashley said...

No, NO...Mint chocolate chip is FAR SUPERIOR. That's right, I intend to start a war over this :)

Becca and Derek said...

My favorite thing to do was look at awkward dates in Rexburg. The only good thing about dating was lots of free food. Yes, I'm a fat kid at heart.

Ashley said...

Mint Chocolate Chip tastes good, and leaves your breath minty fresh.

Cookie Dough tastes good, and may leave you with salmonella.

Mint chocolate chip wins.

Kandice said...

sounds really great :) except for the pizza. haha

and you'd be the second person who made me feel like a major dick? creep? terrible person? for asking for an IG username. haha probably won't be asking anyone ever again ;p but seriously, i'm sorry. i've even asked you once before haven't i? i guess i just got excited when i saw those good ol' filters.

meme-and-he said...

lettuce on pizza?? hmm...sorry it didn't work out for ya!

Anonymous said...

a-frizzle-frazzle chocolate that is hot is skee-bop-a-doop-delicious-awesome and so are you, ya seeeeeeee?