Tuesday, November 8, 2011

attn: hipster sitting four tables away from me

i see you.
sitting in the library.
with your flannel shirt,
light blue jacket that says "nom" on the back,
and your black framed spectacles.

i know you.
you think you're a big deal.
sitting behind your macbook pro
and listening to underground bands
so phresh they haven't been named yet.

i hear you.
sipping on your beverage
in your paper, pier 49 pizzeria, cup.

i hate you.
not because you're hipper than me,
but because you know you're hip.
you're not.
just a loud sipper with perfect hair.

i take it back.
you just left the library.
i looked up as you were leaving
and saw you rocking a tnmt shell backpack.
you are hipper than me.
teach me your ways.
marry me. 
marry me so we can have hipster babies
who wear glasses, eat fancy pizza 
and rock flannel while i carry them
in my tmnt backpack.

in other news,
i want this one too. 


Ayley said...

you. are. so. funny.

McKenzie King said...

oh em freaking-freaking gosh. you are a crack up.

Natasha Louise said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! You are so funny

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Noooo! Do not succumb to their hipster ways.
There is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) more irritating than the self-diagnosed hipster. Everything they say has an air of elite-ism to it. Like they're better than you. Seriously, it doesn't matter what they say. It could be "I liked them before they went mainstream, now they suck."

Or "I'm a vegan"

Or even "would you like fries with that?"

Their beady little eyes. Their unknown bands. Their skinny jeans.

Brissa, please. no.


ellie said...

mwahahahaha! One of my soccer players has that back pack! She saved up her money cause her parents wouldn't buy it for her. And when she finally got it she came running up to me at practice and practically knocked me over with it. It is pretty original!

also, hipsters are fun to laugh at.

Ashley said...

oh. my. gosh. Wish they made those backpacks when I was 6.

Christianna said...

Hahahahahha, this is awesome!

Sierra Shaneá said...

hahahaha oh.my.goodness. this was probably one of the best things i've read in a long time. it definitely made my day. viva tmnt!


katrina said...


kelli case anderson said...

so funny. go find him on campus and then smooch him sometime! tnmt backpack? that cannot be topped! campus crushes are the best!

Harley said...

hahahahhahahhaha. i love your life.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Haha. "So phresh they haven't been named yet."

That was me once.

Then I got old. What. The. HECK.

Lillie & Long Nguyen said...

oh brissa briss. didn't i already tell you!? YOU ARE A HIPSTER. if you didn't know, there was a girl right behind you writing about you in her blog wishing she could be as hipster as you. even if you don't want to admit, you are hip.

and i'm secretly jealous. DANG IT

mandyface said...

That is one ridic backpack. I needs it immediately. I would stuff it full of pizza and roundhouse kick baddies in the face!