Monday, November 7, 2011

haters beware.

you know the phrase that mentions
something about a watched pot not being able to boil?
i have come here to tell you
there is truth in this phrase.

for the past week/week-and-a-half
{let's be honest, since halloween ended}
i've been obsessively changing
my radio stations between
100.3, and
in hopes of hearing christmas music.
it was like russian roulette
but the bullet of joy and happiness
never fired.

after making homemade pasta
in my cooking class last friday,
i got in my car
and expected to hear i'm ready, i am
blasting through the speakers.
imagine my surprise 
when my eardrums were blessed
with this glorious gift. 
it truly was a christmas miracle.
don't believe me?
allow me to hit you with some facts.
 i was expecting the format to play
because i was listening to my cd, not the radio.
santa changed my three option-stereo
to the right station at the right time.
this is one of my favorite christmas songs.
it's the children. they get me every time.
the moment i gave up obsessing
over christmas music on the radio
is the exact moment it appeared.

i rolled down my windows
and blasted my happy music
as i cruised out of the parking lot.
i basked in the strange looks
and plugged ears due
to my happy, loud, and off-key singing.

i love this season.
please note: 
in my mind, "this season" 
means thanksgiving and christmas.
i like to combine them
and feel two whole months
of gratitude, happiness
and love.

*magick is making a comeback. 
watch it happen.


Kari said...

I adore this. I don't allow magick because I made a Christmas cd for my car in September... It's a shame, really.

Christianna said...

This is an awesome story! I love when stuff like this happens! It makes the magic of Christmas come alive again! Didn't you feel like a little kid?! In a good way of course!

Andrea said...

YES!!! It's a Christmas miracle! That song is my fav, too! Oh, those kiddos. You keep rockin it with the windows down, girl

emilymcb said...

I think those good vibes toward Rupert are paying off.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I'm with you- two whole months of gratitude and love!
You should Pandora Christmas music.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

a watched pot never boils.

that is something i tell myself all the time. personally, i think it's best applied to when you are staring at your cell phone waiting for a boy to text/call you.

Natasha Louise said...


kelli case anderson said...

this is my favorite christmas song. the itch to hang like homies in real life is painful! i love dis.

Makay said...

Oh Christmas- I love you.

whatevergatsby said...

okay first of all, YOU ARE ADORBZ. second of all, TOTES AGREED! you speak the truth, girly.

mandyface said...

Yeah yeah that's how we do, windows rolled down wif a merry Christmas to you.