Thursday, September 8, 2011

the second happiest day of the year.

last thursday, the following conversation took place.
papa: are you excited for monday?
brissa: yes, it's my second favorite day of the year.
papa: what's you're first favorite?
brissa: the first installment of this day.

in the porter household,
we end the summer the same way we start it.
with a little thing we like to call,
meat monday.
memorial day and labor day
are the holy grail of barbecued meats.

i should apologize for not having any pictures of the meat,
but, it was gone before we set it on the table.
yes, it was that good.
and on meat monday,
ribs > pictures.

i thought about going into a more detailed
description of the ribs because of their mmmMMMMmm factor,
then i realized i didn't want to offend/gross out any vegetarians
with the potentially graphic manner of this post.
so for all you carnivores out there,
just know it was like a piece of heaven
rubbed in heaven,
smoked to perfection
by the clouds of heaven
and dipped in the most incredible
sauce made with real [happy] angel tears.
because they too
were celebrating this day. 


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Hahaha. Love that you love meat so much. We're actually starting a no meat/dairy diet next week...trying to see if it can get rid of John's heartburn problem.

So, as much as I love ribs and bbq, and the kebab I posted'll be none of that for 3 weeks...and if that works then none of that ever again...or really sparingly...

Ashley said...

Yesssssssssssss. Can I visit for meat monday? Are there also going to be hot men there? BEcause that is another type of meat.


whitney tomlin said...

cute blog! The I <3 mustaches was an INSTANT follow! :)

ellie said...

1. i have a deep appreciation of ribs, maybe I should be included in this holiday?
2. pesky vegetarians, I wanna see the ribs!
3. i apparently really like meat, as your description makes me wanna go out and eat meat, and only meat, for my next 5 meals.

emilymcb said...

I love ribs.

Ashley said...

I love that tradition!! It sounds AMAZING!! Ribs = LOVE!! Mmmm..I'm hungry now!!

Alexandria said...

Dear baby Jesus. I love ribs. I knew we were meant to be BFFs.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

how can i get an invite :)

Kae said...

a woman after my own heart! I can almost imagine those angel-tear rubbed ribs in my belly right now!

Christianna said...

Yay, for a fellow meat eater! This sounds like an epic BBQ! Glad you enjoyed it!