Thursday, June 9, 2011

top ten reasons why i miss my cast.
1. coolest.color.ever.
2. it turned my arm into a cannon for volleyball.
3. it's florescent glow made hitch-hiking ee-zee pee-zee.
4. it made being a beater in quidditch that much better.
5. my childhood dream of having everyone want to sign my cast was realized. 
6. i was able to say "oh, i got this after falling into a pit of foam."
7. it was the best bottle rocket launcher ever.
{i covered my face for your own good. trust me, it's sheer beauty would have turned you to stone}
8. my mom called me and said "brissa, we were in provo and drove past your complex, be careful playing volleyball with your cast!" 
yes, people could see me from miles away. it was wonderful. 
and no, my parents didn't stop to visit.
 i guess they just didn't love me enough. 
9. my doctor put me on vollyball probation for ten days 
due to excessive playing and a necessary recast.
and the best reason ever.
10. i got the coolest tan line known to man. 
{please excuse the crappy quality. they're screen clippings from a video i wish wasn't on facebook so i could load it up}. 

i'm sorry, i can't lie to my mother.

noooo mami,  i did not go hitch-hiking.
please don't freak out.

everything else is fact.  


Ashley said...

so, I read the title as 'top 10 reasons I miss my cat' instead of cast... sure was a confusing yet hilarious read till I noticed my error ;)

Renée said...

Haha that tan line is so funny :D


Alexandria said...

LOLOLOLOL best tan line everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I LOVE your tan lines- so cool.

jessie said...

my comment of "...byu?" was actually asking both questions. and you answered them both beautifully.
we go to the same school yo. this is cool.
except i probably count yet, since i'll be a freshman. whatever. still cool.

Kari said...

i have never broken anything. ever. i am so laaaaaaame. and that tan line is just about the coolest ever.

Krystal said...

your cast was so in style with all that fluorescent!

kylee said...

i'm a stalker. went to your facebook so i could watch the video then i watched a few more. let me be in your life. you have too much fun.

Caitlin said...

the tan line is awesome, for sure. my biggest question is where are people assembling to play quiditch and why haven't I been notified!??

April said...

That is a pretty great color.

Ashley said...

hehehe...I was cracking up over the progression of the volleyball story :D

Anna said...

in photo one... you are in a white jeep. I love white jeeps. and if I had a cast I would definitely use it as a weapon.

Syrious said...

it looks a funny day!!
alway amazing with freinds, right?

Syriously in Fashion

Becca said...

bahahah i would miss that cast if i were you. for sure.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

glad your arm is doing better!! xoxo! Britt :-)