Sunday, June 19, 2011

cherry red and rims that shine.

friday night jamie, scottland and i got rainbows
and decided to hit up the car show on main street.
i don't know if you know this, but,
they're beautiful and were all over the place.
{i am currently kicking myself for not taking any pictures of them.}
jamie saw his dream car as well.
 a charger.
and no, this is not a staged picture.
he literally sat in the middle of the road 
and gawked for a good five minutes. 
scottopher saw a chrome car
and ordered me to take a picture of him with it. 
my favorite part of this picture is how it looks as though 
he's groping the headlight. 
pervy mcgee. 
we found a half-truck and scott said,
"brissa! i can totally see you driving this around provo."
then he ordered me to take a spicy picture with it.
i got nervous and lost my spice with so many people staring.
james decided to take it upon himself to teach me how to be spicy.  
it didn't work....
apparently spicy for me means
not having a neck, squinting my right eye and sticking out my tongue.
i am honestly proud to say this is one of the ugliest pictures i've ever taken.
at least my loafers look good. 
i found some of the best bumper stickers i'd ever seen.
the boys weren't as entertained as i was and left me with my treasures. 
on our way back to the car we saw this.
this is a psa to the men of the world.
if your shorts are shorter than those of your lady friend,
maybe you shouldn't wear them. 
in fact, you should burn them. 


kylee said...

rainbows? ready set tell me what they are because i already crave one without knowing. lets take a day trip to get them maybe?

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

how did I miss this?
I love your loafers, you're right, they look GOOD. but so do you.

& that last picture is gross. like seriously gross, I hate those type of jeans with the fancy pockets in the first place. Now I hate them even more.