Wednesday, March 30, 2011


when i went home a few weeks ago,
the old gang decided to get together
and hit up our local/favorite pace's dairy ann.
if you ever find  yourself in bountiful, you have to promise to stop and get a rainbow.
they're that amazing.
i only got a few pictures because we were too busy gawking 
at the awkward high school kids who were dressed up for a dance
 and the skankatrons with possible butt implants.
the highlight of the night was when we bust out singing
people tried so hard not to stare.
the second best part was when everyone went quiet for weezy's break down
and i was the only one still singing.
by this point, i was so wrapped up in the song
 i switched into a weezy-esque voice and
i hadn't noticed everyone had stopped singing
until i opened my eyes, found them all staring at me.
then we laughed.
we left while i serenaded "puppy love" to the children in the booths
and there may have been some hip-thrust-walking taking place.
we finished the night in my basement.
in our usual spots.
with our usual jokes.
just like the good ol' days.
i love how some things never change. 


emilymcb said...

I love Pace's Dairy Ann. My dad grew up in Bountiful, so we would go there when we came up to visit.

meme-and-he said...

this sounds like a blast and a half. I would love to try this place!!

beth said...

ohmygosh. OHMYGOSH. i just had the best idea ever. your pictures are great and all, BUT, you know how pace's has the old timey look and feel to it? we should take pictures with pace's in it. if you know what i mean. like it would fit the instagrams perfectly. and idk. maybe it's dumb. but i feel like sweeeeet pictures could come from that place.

kylee said...

so yesterday was the very first time i had ever heard of mike posner and it just so happens thats the exact song i ended up listening to. happy news for you: he's performing up at the UofU april 22nd.

Sarabeth; said...

love your blog! super funny!! (: