Monday, April 4, 2011

ultimate face palm.

"wait, judas is the one who cut off jesus' ear right?"
as soon as i said that beth and james just stared at me.
mouths hanging open, eyes bulging out of their sockets
and disbelief furrowing their brow.
i thought for sure i was right.
they messaged khyrie to have her mock me via text and this was her response,
"picasso cut off his ear. smarty."
{just a little fy-izzle, i knew it was van gough.}
we're definitely sisters.
 i get the ear chopper mixed up and she gets a completey different century.
because i was so determined to believe jesus healed his own ear
it took james and beth ten minutes to teach me basic gospel.
i was set straight after half the people at the party
heard about my "theory."

much good that religious education has done me.


Natasha Louise said...

I absolutely love reading your posts they are so funny and make my day!! hahahaha

beth said...