Thursday, April 7, 2011


i love when i get texts that say,
"what are you doing?
 i want to do a little spring shopping.
wanna come?"
we went. we bought. we conquered.
oh and just an fyi, forever xxi has the best shirts right now.
mexi loved the "yo amo tacos" shirt 
and i fell in love with the captain kitty number.
{and by love i mean l-o-v-e. i am seriously considering going back to buy it.}
mal bought the.coolest.shorts.ever.
they belong on a beach cruiser.
i bought some tops i thought i loved
but i didn't know true love until i laid eyes on these beautiful things. 
dear embellished tank, creme blazer and grey cardigan: 
i'm sorry i forgot about you.
but please understand you're going to be on the back burner for a bit
while i plan outfits to wear with the sexiest party rock shoes ever.
thanks for being so cool about it.

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Natasha Louise said...

Captain kitty shirt... Love that!